Aleyant Implements New Automatic Process to Eliminate Bugs 

Aleyant has recently adopted a software development lifecycle standard for delivering adjustments and enhancements in their software. This process called Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment / Delivery (CD) is also utilized by technology leaders such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. Now Aleyant automatically rolls out bug fixes – which entails no formal release cyclessimply silent fixes that are deployed 1-2 times per week during slow usage times, to avoid causing downtime for customers 
Customers no longer have to wait for a bug fix to be released with a new product release. Bug fixes now go live as soon as they are fixed. “This puts Aleyant on the leading edge of software deployment enabling maximum uptime for our customers to ensure they are successful and profitable.” said Gary Fry, Aleyant President.
This process of creating a staircase of changes and releasing them as they are fixed instead of making all changes at once is the quickest and most efficient way to alleviate bugs while also ensuring maximum uptime for our customers.