Great Example of Pressero Site Skinning

As you may know, Pressero supports the creation of custom site skins.  Web developers skilled in the areas of html, css, and javascript can create websites that look truly unique, yet continue to take advantage of Pressero’s backend capabilities. ...
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Pricing & Image Packs

You may be aware that Pressero offers an image pack add-on that gives you 45 product/category icons in 2 different versions (photo-realistic and illustrated)… we recently released a pricing calculator pack that matches up with those product/categories…...
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Pressero Webinars

Checkout the new Pressero Webinar schedule on our website:
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Report Writer

I recently received a customer call about a special report his customer wanted.  The requirements were fairly obscure… something that no one else would probably ever want. But this got me thinking… wouldn’t a flexible reporting tool...
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URL Redirect Tables

Have a web-to-print site you would like to migrate to Pressero, but are worried about losing your good search engine rankings?  We’ve recently added a URL redirect table to Pressero that will allow for migration to Pressero, while keeping the results...
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Using Web-to-Print to Sell More (Part Two) – The Do’s & Don’ts

In a previous blog, I discussed how your web-to-print storefront is like an internet version of a drive-through window. This issue I focus on how to promote the benefits to your customer of using that “window”. The Three Don’ts There...
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Bruce Pederson from Tiger Printing Group Talks Web-to-Print

We were thrilled to see an interview with long-time customer Bruce Pederson (Tiger Printing Group) on Bruce shares how he built $300,000 in new business… all by starting with business cards. Click here to watch it on
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Free Vector CMYK QR Codes

We’ve launched a free vector cmyk QR code service on our Pressero site.  You can find it here: The service will quickly generate PDF and EPS versions (vector) and a TIF version (300 dpi) using...
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QR Codes and PPML Now Available

We recently released two new features to eDocBuilder, which is included with Pressero accounts.  QR Codes are two dimensional barcodes that are quite popular in various print marketing campaigns.  The QR Codes created are vector based and use spot or...
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We were thrilled to learn that our new version of Pressero won the Worth-a-Look award at Graph Expo.  See all the recipients here:
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