Now offering 24/5 customer support around the globe for faster response times to support tickets

May 5, 2020. Wheaton IL. Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, today reported that it has enhanced its already-responsive customer support to be even more responsive by putting in place infrastructure to more quickly respond to customer support inquiries, minimizing any possible downtime. Customer support is now available 24/5 around the globe, from 5 PM U.S. Central Time on Sunday to 5 PM U.S. Central time on Friday, with teams around the world enhanced to better address each region’s needs, including response time, language and more.

“Prior to putting this new program in place in January of this year,” said George Mixco, North America Support Team Manager, “we provided customer support during business hours in three different time zones: Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. That left some gaps as we moved from time zone to time zone. Now with our new 24/5 support program, customer support operates as a single worldwide team. Regardless of where and when the support ticket originates, everyone on the team can help. To accomplish this, we have extended or shifted hours in some regions to ensure availability of team members.” Mixco reports that Aleyant has also been aggressively cross-training team members so they are capable of handling just about any inquiry they may receive. “In the past,” he added, “We had more specialists, which was a less efficient way to handle support, often resulting in hand-offs to other specialists. Now everyone is cross-trained, and it makes it much more efficient for us and for our customers since support queries that involve multiple applications can all be handled by a single team member.”

With the new program, Aleyant’s ticketing application is operated out of a centralized server rather than being independently operated on regional servers. “Although we do offer a chat feature, customers typically prefer to use email except for quick questions, like where to find a specific command,” Mixco explained. “If we receive more complex requests via chat that are out of scope for that medium, such as inquiries about building a specific script, we let them know we will respond by email. Tickets typically come into the system via email or phone and are placed in the support queue with responses provided in the order in which they were received, typically within four hours or less, or by the next morning if the inquiry is not urgent.” Mixco notes that chat support was implemented within the past year, and while not all customers prefer that medium, those that do rave about it, especially the ability to do a screen share during the chat.”

Mixco also noted that during this difficult period, Aleyant is focused on building up its customer support team and associated resources even more. “When we come out of the pandemic,” he said, “we expect business will be conducted differently; and we want to have even more availability of support. One thing the pandemic has demonstrated is how more business can be conducted remotely, especially with increased use of cloud-based solutions. We are working hard to be as prepared as possible to accommodate our customers and our employees as the situation changes.” Customers are using any extra time they have as well, he points out, to upskill their work force and make better use of the software components they have invested in. “When things turn around,” he said, “they want to be the first ones ready to take on business as things get back to a new normal, and we will be there to support them.”

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